after the show

Last week I picked up my girls from Attleboro.  The museum took excellent care of them, and I’m so grateful.  It makes me feel like it could be fun to do another show someday.  I don’t have any concrete plans at the moment, but I am thinking about it a lot.  I hope the next one is a little closer to home.


Mim gave me the poster from the show!  I hung it outside the door of my studio.

While the girls were away, I finished another one (no pictures yet – I’m still not entirely happy with how she’s sitting on her hanger).  It feels a little crowded in the studio now.  I’ve been dealing with the discomfort by doing lots of yoga in the front room.  After yoga, I almost always get the ladder and move the girls around some more.  It has been a week and half, and I’m happy to say that they are finally starting to settle into their new configuration.

Next open studio will be October 4th, 2013.  I’m hoping to have even more new work completed by then.



Yesterday I drove down to Attleboro to deliver some of my work to the museum for the upcoming show, and I had a big moment of squee when I saw the sign in the parking lot.

I was anxious about dropping off my girls, but my knees stopped shaking when I met Mim (executive director of the museum) and saw Adrienne’s work in the gallery waiting to be installed.

Now I’m just super-excited about the opening (Saturday April 13th, 2 to 4).

I’ve got postcards!  Let me know if you want one.