three months


Three months since I hung this little sculpture in the lilac bush. It looks about the same to me as it did last month.

It has been hot this month, which makes the studio unappealing. I have been working on my social life instead, which feels mostly exhausting and weird (with occasional pockets of deeply rewarding).

I recently complained to someone that the internet is making my head feel like ten pounds of other people’s opinions in a five-pound sack, which means you won’t be seeing much of me on Facebook.

I’m starting to work my way through Lynda Barry’s Syllabuswhich has me making lists every day of things I did and things I saw. Here are today’s lists:


  • software updates (ugh)
  • took a nap
  • went for a walk
  • Notebook Club with Julie and Sam
  • picked up trash in the park
  • killed a bunch of ants on my sofa
  • made a mushroom risotto


  • piece of black foam like a giant liquorice allsort lying by the side of the road
  • rabbit prints in the driveway
  • a woman tying her leopard print scarf across her face as she waited to cross the street
  • Sam’s bird dance
  • Julie’s orange pants
  • a groundhog racing into the knotweed by the river
  • a hummingbird investigating the foxgloves