epic tedium

I’m still working on covering my most recent sculpture in felt. My work always involves tedium, but this project really takes the cake. If I look at more than a few square centimeters at a time, I despair of ever finishing.

Today I curled up on the sofa in my studio for a nap, and dreamed that I was small enough to be sleeping inside the sculpture. When I woke up, I took this photo so that you could see what the inside looks like (in one of the more finished areas). In my dream, it was pretty cozy.


When I get too tired of working on the sculpture, and my neck is sore and I’ve stabbed my fingers one too many times with the felting needles, I get up and work on this canvas:


It’s taking a long time too, but at least I only have to go over the surface once. Also, I have never managed to stab myself with a Sharpie.

rainy day plankton #3

This is the most recent in a series of small felted wire sculptures.  Eventually, I will have made a whole herd of them.  Then I will hang them in the empty storefront window at the Copeland Block.

My wrists are all sore today because my trainer made me walk around on my hands, with my feet on an AbDolly, like a paraplegic wiener dog.  It was not a good day for doing things with my hands.

Lia recently announced that PHOTOSTOP will be hosting a Photo Slam in the near future.  Combined with the gimpy wrists, it was enough of a nudge to dust off my DSLR and take some photos.

It was raining today, and the light in my studio was nothing special.  So I went across the hall to Kathy’s studio and photographed this piece on her fabulous glittery concrete floor. Here is a funky close-up of the middle section, which is covered in crocheted red wire and stuffed with bright orange-yellow wool: