showing my work, part 2

Writing about my process is also showing my work!

I’ve made a lot of progress on the newest girl. She has a name now: bad signal.

Before I started working, I hung this print up behind my workbench for inspiration:

Picture 005

There’s a lot of writing under the scribbling. There are also faces:

Picture 005

I started finding little objects with faces on them all over the studio, and decided to incorporate some of them into the sculpture.

This one is a bead made by a friend of mine a long time ago. I like how it looks like it’s trying to chew its way out of a cage. The green wire reminds me of tiny little fists on the ends of wiry arms.


In the print, the faces are scattered randomly. On the sculpture, they’ve ended up being placed along the milk lines (where you might find extra nipples), for no other reason than that it amuses me and makes me think of this email that my ex-boyfriend sent me many years ago:

Subject: A Moderne Taxonomie Of Ye Beastes

Kitties – Hair, fur, mammaries, usually nipples.

Chickens – Have feathers.  Also frequently beaks, bills, wattles,
beards, muffs, tufts, stripes, spots, quacks, clucks.

Fish – Cold blooded.  Frequently wet.  Not cuddly, but not too yukky.

Bugs – Cold blooded.  Yukky, or obviously bugs (there are some nice bugs).


Quail = chickens.
Elephants = kitties.
Lobsters = bugs.
Turtles = fish (cold blooded, not overtly yukky).
Snakes = fish or bugs, depending.  Doesn’t really matter.
Platypuses = Kitties (hair, mammaries, although no nipples).
Angels = Hard to classify – hair, feathers, nipples not found.

I suspect that, if you were to frisk your Arcturian Megachicken for nipples, you’ll find that it’s actually an Arcturian Megakitty.

(I still maintain that the Arcturian Megachicken is actually a megachicken. Those are not nipples. They are supernumerary beaks.)

(I don’t know if the Taxonomie is something he came up with himself, or if he found it somewhere. If it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!)