my year in art

Oh, 2015. I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I had an infestation of clothes moths in my studio. I went to Alaska. I started writing again. I had shingles. I learned that I don’t have to be friends with everyone who wants to be friends with me. I hired people to tear my house apart and put it back together (they’re still working on that).

Here are some of the things I made when I wasn’t busy traveling or killing moths or being sick or injured.

bad signal


I didn’t feel like I could say it on my more public website (which my mother reads), but this piece is about disorganized attachment. Not much fun, but the good news is that you can heal from it. Over the last two years, I’ve inched my way into the territory of secure attachment – first with E, and then with my husband.

This weird little love story, which doesn’t seem to have a title:


Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes love doesn’t make much sense. It always changes you.

Inner Beauty Passports, a collaboration with Julie:


We made 108 of them, and gave them all away. You could make your own! It’s worth doing. Here are the instructions from the inside cover:

The Hindu goddess Kali has 108 names. Some are sweet (Protector Of All Girls), others scary (Garlanded With Skulls). What are your 108 names, from most likable to shadowiest, from proudest to most shameful? What roles have you fulfilled? What have you been called?

Write a litany of your 108 names.

I think I have to call this one they don’t want me:


Ouch ouch ouch.

the fossilized egg of your mouth:


Because I had been looking at Yoon Ji Seon’s Rag Face series, and found it inspiring.

Happy New Year, amigos invisibles.  May you be safe, may you be healthy, may you feel loved.