I have an older brother. He was born dead, seven years before me. I don’t know what his name was, if he even had one. I don’t dare ask.

From Jennie Vansaco’s excellent “What’s in a Necronym?“:

Fifteen years later, the clinicians Robert Krell and Leslie Rabkin identified three types of replacement children: bound, resurrected, and haunted… A “haunted” child lives in a family overwhelmed by guilt, which imposes “a conspiracy of silence.”

Yes. Even though none of us would describe me as a replacement for him.

How can someone without a name, with such tiny feet, leave such a large footprint?

He probably never even wore shoes.

He is still here, screaming in the corner of the room, using all the air in all the breaths he never took.

you probably had to be there

I had been filling wire frames with spray foam insulation, and then hanging them up to dry.  I peeled the crust from this one to reveal the Velveeta-colored inside.

Someone commented that the inside looked like a vulva.  So of course I had to put the creepy little legless ceramic baby in it.  I wanted to make a bunch of monsters to stand around it like some kind of alien nativity scene.  But I had a lot of other things to do, so I just took a picture.

(No monsters, vulvas, Velveeta, or ceramic babies were harmed in the making of this photograph.)