September open studio

I’ve heard that a lot of people are moving their First Friday festivities to the second Friday this month because this is Labor Day weekend. Here in Studio 221 at the Tip Top Building, we are committed to celebrating First Friday on the actual First Friday of the month.

So if you want to pick up your Inner Beauty Passport and help kick off the marvelous Julie Püttgen‘s Inner Beauty Pilgrimage to the Sacred-Ordinary Everywhere, tomorrow is the day to do it! If you show up on the 11th, you will be disappointed because we will be somewhere else. Also, you probably will have missed your last opportunity to see my studio in 2015.

Claim your Inner Beauty Passport, and reclaim the full story of your many aspects! Remember all the places you’ve gone, and the people you’ve been. It’s like a spiritual foot massage.


Visit the fabulous Safety Closet! Turn off your phone. Sit down for a minute and breathe. Take in the fact that nobody is currently trying to clobber you.


And … see the newly moth-proofed butterfly soup!



One thought on “September open studio

  1. Thank you, Julie! Thank you, everyone else who showed up! That open studio was such a potent Inner Beauty Treatment, I feel like my heart grew two sizes!

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