Sometimes the work ends up being harder and more complicated than I expect. Other times, like today, it ends up being simpler and easier. The sculpture told me, when I started working, that I should stop thinking about exotic fruits and other complicated structures. She said she would settle for zig-zagging horizontal lines and the wavy middle of the coil of wire.


A while back, Home Depot sold me a spool of wire that’s pretty much all wavy middle. It’s Hillman brand. It weighs two pounds, and is wound around a hollow plastic core. The wire I usually use is a 3.5 pound coil from Red Brand. Both are 19-gauge dark annealed steel wire. The guys at the hardware stores look at me like I’ve got two heads when I ask for that, though. Around here, they mostly seem to call it “stovepipe wire.”

My usual wire has a greasy coating on it that looks and smells like used motor oil. The Hillman wire has a powdery black coating, like finely ground charcoal. Here is what my hands looked like after working with it:


Boraxo powdered hand soap makes short work of both ground charcoal and used motor oil. If you live around here, they sell it at the Lebanon Co-op.

P.S. Nobody paid me or otherwise enticed me to talk about Red Brand wire, Hillman wire, Boraxo, or the Co-op.

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