mostly for my own records, so I’ll remember

Things I’m thinking about between bouts of pondering the technical challenge posed by my next sculpture:

disorganized attachment

metta (aka loving-kindness meditation): I can’t find the article, but I read recently that if you want to kick your metta practice up a notch (aka feel like your heart got put through a juicer), you should not just bring a person to mind or send your kind thoughts out to them in a vague way, but imagine them sitting in front of you and then say the words right to their face.  Oof.

pepinos, horned melons, and cucamelons

Mark Flood Resents, a pop-up gallery where nothing was for sale

– that !@#$ red bucket

– Bruno Mars singing “Uptown Funk” while wearing gold curlers in his hair. Hot damn.

– hats, hats, hats! (this one is spoken for, and its owner is ROCKING IT!)


ETA: Also, this thing:

Picture 005

May you be safe. May you be happy and healthy. May you feel loved.

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