plan D

I ended up having to rip all the felt off the piece I was talking about way back in December.  It was just too tedious.  If I worked on it for more than about 20 minutes in any given day, I would end up with a throbbing pain in my left hand that sometimes woke me in the middle of the night.  Totally not worth it.

I still think it’s important for this piece to exist, and for it to have a skin, so I went back to the drawing board.  I tried several different approaches, including covering the whole thing with paper.  Nothing felt right.  It was really frustrating.

Finally I ended up making a lot of small doilies with some off-white fingering-weight wool yarn that I found stashed in a corner of the studio.  I’m sewing them onto the wire frame with a curved needle, and applying the felt on top of them.  It is taking a long time, but it’s a lot easier on the fingers than trying to put the felt directly on the wire.  I can work for long stretches without hurting myself.

I spend so much time looking at it that this is what I see when I close my eyes:

plan d

Here’s a wider angle.  You can see where I’ve started to apply felt over the belly:


Almost everyone who’s seen it has expressed dismay that I’m covering the doilies, until I remind them that this thing is a lamp and will have a lightbulb inside.  The lace will still be visible when the light is on.  So there.

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