epic tedium

I’m still working on covering my most recent sculpture in felt. My work always involves tedium, but this project really takes the cake. If I look at more than a few square centimeters at a time, I despair of ever finishing.

Today I curled up on the sofa in my studio for a nap, and dreamed that I was small enough to be sleeping inside the sculpture. When I woke up, I took this photo so that you could see what the inside looks like (in one of the more finished areas). In my dream, it was pretty cozy.


When I get too tired of working on the sculpture, and my neck is sore and I’ve stabbed my fingers one too many times with the felting needles, I get up and work on this canvas:


It’s taking a long time too, but at least I only have to go over the surface once. Also, I have never managed to stab myself with a Sharpie.

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