there are no words, there is only screaming


I am having, to put it mildly, a not-so-great month.  Every cell in my body feels nauseated.  I want to scrub the inside of my head with a toothbrush.

Earlier this week I spent some time in the studio with the BIG Sharpies that a friend made me buy recently.  I don’t have much to say about this piece, except that making it did help me feel marginally better for a few hours.

Someone asked me about the color scheme.  I tend not to use a lot of color in my work.  That’s just not what it’s about for me.  I do like red, though, especially when I’m feeling as feral as I have been this week.  Also, black and red were the only colors they had in the crappy little store where my friend made me buy the BIG Sharpies.

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